PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT – Have a great idea but don’t know where to start?  The Florida Business Incubator offers opportunities to work with top product development teams that can take you from concept through prototype to manufacturing and distribution.

COACHING & MENTORSHIP – Relationships developed between Incubator participants and the Florida Incubator’s coaches and mentors have a significant impact on early-stage and strategic growth business development.  Interaction with highly-experienced entrepreneurial coaches assist Incubator participants in developing priorities and organizational goals as well as accountability.

NETWORKING – Participating in the Florida Business Incubator’s professional network enables businesses to get off the ground more quickly and smoothly.  With a strong business network, the Incubator connects participants with resources that accelerate business growth.

ENTREPRENEURIAL ECOSYSTEM – The Florida Business Incubator partners with organizations and institutions that directly support entrepreneurs and small business owners.  These include county and city agencies, institutions of higher learning, Chambers of Commerce and business associations.  Together, the ecosystem focuses on open dialog and transitional processes that promote business growth.

CAPITAL – While the Florida Business Incubator does not provide business funding, we offer direction in securing capital through crowdfunding campaigns, angel investment, and accounts receivable factoring to achieve business goals.